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Child Support Awareness Month takes place annually in August. Child benefit is a family law that requires a parent to provide their child with regular financial support until they reach the age of majority. This month is important to highlight the importance of child support to a child’s development.

History of the month of education for child support

Regular payment by a parent, child benefit is required after marital separation, annulment, or other unforeseen factors. The specifics of the child support plan would vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as each state has its own laws. However, the child’s safety and well-being remain of the utmost importance and under no circumstances should a child suffer or fail to reach their maximum potential. Hence child support is essential to the general well-being of a child and there are child support laws and services to ensure the proper functioning of this system and the good care of every child.

In his place, it was former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, who made August 20, 1995. From then on, each summer child charities recognize and celebrate the vital role of child welfare and social service communities in providing financial aid to American families. In addition, awareness of the importance of child benefit is to be created, social groups to be motivated and encouraged to help children in need.

There are many ways you can watch this month and do your part to ensure that every child has the resources they need to move forward and have a comfortable life. Taking a small step today will pave the way for a bright future for generations to come.

Schedule for the month of child support


Private child support

The first federal law on private child maintenance is passed.


Virginia State Child Support Policy

Virginia State is updating its child support policy, increasing its gross combined income from $ 10,000 per month to $ 35,000 per month for the first time in 25 years.


The U.S. Children’s Fund collections

Child Support raises $ 32.4 billion and serves 14.3 million children and their families.


Child benefit in the COVID-19 pandemic

Child Support Services distributed collections increase by nearly 10%.

Frequently asked questions about Child Support Awareness Month

Why should we have child benefit?

Each parent is legally responsible for ensuring that their child is well supported until they reach adulthood. In addition, children have the right to receive financial support from both parents.

What If One Parent Is Imprisoned?

If a parent is imprisoned, this does not exempt them from paying child support. The order can be changed by the court and the parent’s property is used to support the child. If one of the parents has no assets, the court can temporarily waive the payments.

Can the amount of child benefit be changed?

The court can change the amount of child support if the parents’ income or the child’s needs change at all. However, you can ask the court to change your order at any time, but depending on the situation, the court will give the final judgment.

How to Watch Child Support Month

  1. Donate to a child benefit fund

    If you choose to donate even a small amount of your own, you may not be aware of the significant impact it will have on a child’s life. Charities and child support organizations need your help to continue their selfless initiatives, and your donation can also help inspire those around you to support such a noble cause.

  2. Help a friend or family in any way

    Sometimes just being there for a friend or family member can be of great help to them. If you discover that one of your loved ones is having child support problems, you can help them by escorting them to court or other offices. They can also take care of their children for a while, offer financial help, or even teach them simple subjects. Your moral support can help build and strengthen the confidence of your friend and his little one.

  3. Learn more about child support laws

    Child support laws can be a little confusing as they incorporate many factors that affect different things like payments, rights, settlements, etc. in strengthening your support for the cause. Parents can also lose sight of child support guidelines as each state has its own laws. Hence, an understanding of the law can help one navigate the legal process with ease.

5 facts you should know about child support

  1. Non-biological parents

    A non-biological parent is not required to pay child support unless the child has been lawfully adopted by them.

  2. Specific calculation

    The amount of child support depends on several factors, such as the time spent with the child, the parents’ income, etc.

  3. Support for people with disabilities

    If the child is disabled, the court can extend child support beyond the age of 19.

  4. No exceptions

    If one of the parents is unemployed or threatened with a reduction in their wages, they cannot be exempted from paying child support.

  5. consequences

    Failure to pay child support has consequences and is considered a criminal offense.

Why Child Support Awareness Month is important

  1. Promotes healthy child development

    Children have weaker immune systems compared to adults and, in the event of a possible infection, require quality health care to reach their full potential. Every child has the right to a healthy life and can thrive well with adequate medical care.

  2. Child benefit reduces the financial burden on parents

    When one parent is separated and is raising a child alone, it can add to the financial burden on the parent. Child Support ensures that they receive adequate support to raise the child properly.

  3. Child benefit ensures a stable upbringing

    The first years of a child’s life are very important for their overall development. At no point in their growing years will they lack basic needs. Through child support, parents can ensure that nothing is left unturned when it comes to the holistic care, training, education and growth of their child. Your child will have all the essential resources to become efficient, capable, and versatile people.

Dates for Child Support Awareness Month

year date Day
2021 August 1st Sunday
2022 August 1st Monday
2023 August 1st Tuesday
2024 August 1st Thursday
2025 August 1st Friday

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