Child Custody Lands One in Jail – Dothan Police Department

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, just before noon, a 6-week-old child was taken from his temporary residence at the 400 block of South Appletree Street in Dothan, AL by his mother, Alexis Richards, and her male companion, Mauquez banks The child had been placed at this temporary address as part of a safety plan put into place several days earlier by the Department of Human Resources (DHR).

Alexis Richards was only allowed supervised visitation. Alexis Richards and Mauquez Banks went to the residence where the child had been placed unannounced, and unplanned, and took the child without the knowledge of the child’s current custodian. When the Dothan Police Department was notified of this incident, information was gathered and broadcast as soon as possible to include an Amber Alert. Shortly after the Amber Alert was broadcast, the child was located with Alexis Richards and another family member in Midland City, AL. The child was safe and had not been harmed in any way.

The Dothan Police Department would like to thank all the agencies who assisted in this investigation which includes: The FBI, Dale County Sheriff’s Department, Ozark Police Department, Troy Police Department, Midland City Police Department, ALEA, and the Alabama Fusion Center. All these entities working together resulted in the safe return of this child.

So far, Alexis Richards, 22 years-old of Dothan, has been charged with one count of Interference with Custody. The investigation is on going and charges could be possible for Mauquez Banks in the future.

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