Chicago’ Star Charmaine Bey Accuses Chris Brown’s Little one’s Mom of ‘Scamming Small Companies’

‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ star Charmaine Bey is making serious allegations about Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Nia Guzman. During a recent segment on her 107.5 WCGI radio show, the reality star accused Guzman of taking funds for promotional services, but the social media influencer reportedly never followed through.

“Hate to bring on social media, but Nia Guzman is out here accepting money on her daughter Royalty Brown’s behalf for business promo, and she’s not posting the promo,” Bey claimed in a video posted to her Instagram account Monday afternoon on May 16, 2020

Charmaine Walker shows green screen look. @charmainebey/Instagram

The entrepreneur further claimed that she had a legally binding agreement with Guzman and “that the contract states that we are supposed to get two posts from Royalty Brown for Beymoss.” The tattoo boss claimed that Guzman “accepted the money,” and then “her manager blocked my husband and I on social media and via text, and she’s never posted.

She continued, “So again, Nia Guzman is out here accepting money on her daughter’s behalf — Royalty Brown’s behalf — and not posting the promo. So, basically, she’s scamming small businesses. Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s baby’s mom, is scamming small businesses in the name of Royalty Brown. It’s disgusting.”

She added, “It’s all over my Instagram Live. It’s on my radio show on WGCI, and it’s right here again on Instagram.” Speaking directly to the 38-year-old model, Bey made it clear, “Nia Guzman; I’m on that a-. I want my money back. Period. We have a contract together. So you either handle it nicely, or we can get ugly, boo, because we obviously have the funds to get ugly,” she added as she panned the camera across, giving a view around her large home.

She continued, “So what do you want to do? I know you ain’t get the funds, sis. Chris Brown is only paying for his child support, honey. He’s not paying to support you. So, you’re out here scamming small businesses in the name of your daughter to support yourself, okay boo, we can do that.”

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Bey advised Guzman to “pick which route you want to go” before counting down options such as, “You can app cash me, wire, or cell me my money back. I can also reply with the contract that we have. I no longer want the post. I want my money. Where are you at, Nia? What’s good? Come to Chicago; we can handle this.”

Guzman responded to Bey’s claims in the comments section of a blog post, writing, “Cloth is a hell of a drug.” She also added, “Hi babe the promo is on my page MAY 2! A reel lol it’s there by love and your not blocked.” Elsewhere she added, “Secondly my love you had to send it to me 2x because the first ones was molded.”

Bey later argued her remarks about the damaged items in a later post. “Nia left our products in her mail room for weeks (past the post date), and it got moulded. Then we had to send! Here is the proof! The contract is in my ig story where we had agreed on Royalty posting our products NOT NIA!”

Last fans heard of the feud, Bey awarded customers a 20 percent discount off “all Beymoss products!” if they used the promo code: NIASCAMS.

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