California Finances Proposal Expands Transitional Kindergarten, However Does Little To Assist Youngster Care Business In Disaster

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Wednesday’s events in Washington, DC and across the country are not being forgotten anytime soon, and local educators are already taking steps to ensure students – most of whom are returning to virtual classrooms this week or next – have the tools to to discuss and contextualize you.

The LA County Office of Education and the Long Beach School District each have compiled resources for teachers. Both encourage adults to process their own feelings before dealing with the problem with children, and then give their students space to talk.

In Long Beach, among other things, students should be reminded that “violence and hate are never solutions to anger” and “history shows that hate only causes harm”.

Parents, caregivers, and other adults are also responsible for helping young people process this week’s events and their feelings and thoughts around them. But Brent Smiley teaching his early worldThe history and American history of the middle school students at the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies in Reseda believe that teachers are in a unique position.

“Every classroom has a professional teacher who knows his children better than anyone else in the chain of command.” Smiley told my colleague Caroline Champlin. “The message for the teachers? Go and teach. ”

Read on to find out more about what’s happening in LA today. And stay out there safe.

What you need to know today

LA’s Surge: The oxygen supply infrastructure is crumble under pressure in LA and other COVID-19 hotspots that endanger patient access to valuable air and limit hospital revenue.

Incorrect tests: The FDA says Curative’s cheek swab test for COVID-19 – which is widely used in LA – has a high risk of false negative results, which means our sample size could be even higher than we think.

The housing crisis: In a new report on the deaths of homeless people in LA County, officials say they are concerned a dramatic increase in case of fentanyl overdoses.

California Kids: Six of California’s largest school districts, including LAUSD and Long Beach, say Governor Gavin Newsom plans to reopen classrooms sets unrealistic deadlines for compliance and will unfairly punish low-income communities.

Local clashes: These photos show a group of Trump supporters who marched through downtown LA in solidarity with the violent mob that stormed the capital in Washington, DC

Impeachment, edition 2021: Karen Bass says Trump should be kicked out, but that’s it unlikely given that his supporters in Congress are still under his “cult” spell.

Weekend reads

The world is busy right now, and it’s hard enough to keep up with our daily lives, let alone stay up to date on the news. But if you have some free time this weekend, you may have missed:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, The area that serves some of the coronavirus-hit boroughs of LA has been pushed to its limits. (LA Watts Times)

The county is pushing for a “food handler” card that would force the deliverer to be certified. Some say this would harm black-owned companies and result in job losses for those who are unable to take the certification course for various reasons. (LA Sentinel)

LA Democrat Ted Lieu is co-lead in efforts to (re) indict President Donald Trump. (LA Mag)

Some Boyle Heights Residents are waiting for their next federal economic review, while immigrants in the area who do not have legal status cannot receive financial assistance at all. (Boyle Heights beat)

A plant delivery service, hand-poured artisanal candles and Thai home-style cooking are just a few small local businesses that have faced unique, significant challenges over the past year. (Los Angeleno)

Latina / o and black, If stopped by the California police, they are more likely to use violence or be searched than other racial groups. (San Fernando Valley Sun.)

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza The sale was a back and forth of soap-operational proportions through 2020. (LA Wave newspapers)

transport has been irrevocably changed by the pandemic – and some believe this is a golden opportunity to change things for the better. (Streetsblog LA)

Before you go … take a breather from this week

Gallery1988 opens two online shows on Friday including ’30 Years Later: Celebrate Your Favorite 1991 Movies’ (Image: Zita Walker, courtesy Gallery1988)

It was a week, immediately after a year. Self-care is a joke these days, but it is vitally important for all of us to turn off our brains whenever possible and think about something other than the horrific situations we have been bombarded with since March of 2020.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions: check out pop art inspired by films released in 1991, listen to a livestream concert by Rufus Wainwright, learn about Oshogatsu foods for the Year of the Ox, and more this weekend best events approved by the pandemic.

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