Buy a pinwheel to assist assist Baby Abuse Prevention Month

| Cheboygan Daily Tribune

The Michigan Children’s Trust Fund’s Child Abuse Prevention Month is a statewide initiative to increase public awareness regarding the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

This initiative works toward the goal that all communities in Michigan will understand and be engaged in the need to protect children from abuse and neglect before it occurs. The local Cheboygan County Child Advocacy Council promotes Child Abuse Prevention Month and encourages everyone to take action toward providing the support and assistance that all families need.

Prevention strategies create supportive environments that empower parents and help them access the tools they need to raise their children in safe, loving, and nurturing homes. The local council is comprised of participants from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Michigan State Police, Community Mental Health, Catholic Human Services, Great Start, Cheboygan, Otsego, Presque Isle -Educational Service District, Cheboygan County, District Health Department Four, MSU Extension, community members and private businesses. Recent activities include ensuring families have access to appropriate car seats and car seat installation, promotion of safe sleep practices, and raising awareness through community programming and professional development.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, the local council invites residents to build upon this important work on behalf of the children and families in Cheboygan County. There are countless options to strengthen the mission of making child abuse and neglect prevention a reality.

Here are some things they suggest:

  • Contact Cheboygan County Child Advocacy Council to inquire about prevention programs, educational or volunteer opportunities, and Child Abuse Prevention Month activities. Information can be found by emailing the Cheboygan County Child Advocacy Council Coordinator, Janemarie Weick at [email protected], or call (231) 818-1162.
  • The pinwheel is the national symbol of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Look for the blue pinwheel gardens at the Michigan State Police Post, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services office, and Indian River and Wolverine Head Start locations. Tell people it stands for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Join us in posting a virtual pinwheel garden on your website or social media. Find out more at
  • You can purchase a pinwheel pin up at Awakon Federal Credit Union office locations in Indian River and Wolverine.
  • Explore the Children’s Trust Fund website to access the Child Abuse Prevention Month toolkit and information you can download, print, and post in the community.
  • Contact your elected officials and educate them regarding the child abuse and neglect prevention needs in Cheboygan County and, ask them to support funding and legislative initiatives that strengthen families, and expand child abuse prevention programming.
  • Having stronger social connections can help buffer against adverse childhood experiences during stressful and isolating times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reaching out via phone, social media connection groups and safe in-person gatherings can all help.
  • Ask friends or family how they and their children are doing. If a parent seems to be struggling, offer to run errands, lend a friendly ear, or ask how you can help.
  • Donate food, clothing, diapers, furniture, toys, and other essentials to another family, or trusted organization in Cheboygan County. This can relieve the financial stress that families may experience.

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