Brad Pitt asks California Supreme Courtroom to ‘evaluation’ ruling on decide that nixed his 50-50 youngster custody win

Brad Pitt is asking the California Supreme Court to review a recent ruling that disqualified the private judge who led his custody war with Angelina Jolie and reversed his 50:50 provisional pension profit.

In a filing on Tuesday, Pitt and his attorneys said the 2nd District Court of Appeals issued a “dangerous” verdict last month in disqualifying Judge John Ouderkirk and invalidating his work on the couple’s case because of an “administrative error.”

“We are moving to the California Supreme Court for a review because the mutually appointed and repeatedly renewed interim judge was wrongly disqualified following a detailed, fact-based detention decision following a lengthy trial involving multiple witnesses and experts,” said Pitt’s attorney Theodore J Boutrous Jr. in a statement to the Daily News.

“After more than four years of contentious litigation that has harmed the children and their father every day, an important and well-considered custody decision is about to be completely reversed due to an administrative error that is completely independent of the merits of the custody dispute itself,” it says in The News petition.

The petition argues that Ouderkirk was disqualified because the “administrative error” delayed disclosure of his professional history to Pitt’s attorneys.

Pitt claims that Ouderkirk “disclosed such information multiple times at the beginning of the trial and over three and a half years thereafter.”

Last month’s surprise decision came two months after Pitt received a preliminary ruling from Ouderkirk granting him 50-50 physical and legal custody of the couple’s five minor children, which he sought against Jolie’s will.

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