Black McLennan County leaders announce effort to assist youth, push again towards violence | Native Information

Waco ISD trustee Jeremy Davis:

“As a native Waco-American and youth attorney, I am aware of the recent increase in gun and gang violence in our city. I stand with the children, families, educators, and all citizens of the Waco community who are grieving and calling for change to protect our youth. I think the answers to many of our problems are here in our city, but there was no access to resources. As we move forward to create and maintain a better environment for our youth, I will make a commitment to continue to support and stand up for our youth, families and organizations that help strengthen our community. “

Keith Guillory, Waco ISD Trustee:

“As we continue to mourn the deadly gun violence that has struck our city and destroyed the lives of so many Wacoans, it is more important than ever to have strong and solid leadership at the helm of our city to take swift action against the weapon Violence and find real solutions to tackle the problems that lie ahead of our youth. Our city, school and district leaders have been working on this urgent crisis that requires immediate action. I believe that our newly elected leaders in Waco and our surrounding cities, combined with the existing leadership, have the skills, courage and expertise to ensure that gun violence no longer ravages our city. I am very proud and encouraged by the team we have on site. Waco has everything it takes to defeat this violence. We have the programs, talent, funding, leadership, and citizens who care a lot. We connect these resources and play an active role in integrating these resources into the lives of our youth.

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