Bengaluru: Dad and mom reunite with kidnapped son after 9 months; abductor in custody

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Key highlights

  • The boy was kidnapped by the kidnapper in front of his house
  • The defendant sold the boy to a childless couple and stole 60,000 rupees from them

Bengaluru: On Sunday, a man was arrested by city police for kidnapping a three-year-old boy. The baby was reunited with its birth parents after it was confirmed with the DNA test. According to the report, the kidnapper abducted the boy in November 2020 and sold him to a farmer for 60,000 rupees.

The defendant has been identified as Kartik Kumar, who resides at RPC Layout in Vijayanagar. The 22-year-old defendant was also arrested in another Vijayanagar bicycle theft case in early 2020.

Kartik abducted the boy outside his home near Dhamanna Gardens in Bayatarayanapura in November last year. According to police, he took the boy to childless parents who lived in Yamare Village, Sarjapur. The kidnapper convinced the peasant family that the boy was his fourth child and that he was having difficulty looking after four children. Without knowing his intentions, the couple agreed to adopt the child.

The defendant took 60,000 rupees from the farmer and never returned.

While commenting on the incident, the police said, “They were shocked to hear that the boy was not Kumar’s child but was abducted from Byatarayanapura. They agreed to return the child and called for action against Kumar, ”as quoted by the Times of India.

Another similar incident

At the beginning of May 2020, a one-year-old boy was kidnapped from a maternity hospital in Chamarajpet. In that shocking incident, the kidnapper lied to a couple and sold the baby for Rs 14 lakh. South Division police arrested a local psychiatrist on the matter.

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