Arsenio Corridor’s Not often Seen Ex-Girlfriend Cheryl Bonacci As soon as Sued Him for Paternity and Baby Help of Their Solely Son

Hollywood icon Arsenio Hall once had a public lawsuit between him and his private ex-lover Cheryl Bonacci over child support. The actor had some objections to the child benefit scheme.

Many fans would remember that there was a time when TV icon Arsenio Hall was absent from both the big and small screens to focus on fatherhood. However, there was also a time when he faced child support problems.

Hall’s former girlfriend Cheryl Bonacci had accused him of breaching his end of the maintenance agreement. Arsenio had objected because he wanted some changes to the agreement.

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Bonacci had dragged the comic star to court and announced that he was not up to date on child support payments for her then 5-year-old son. In response, the actor announced that he did not want to pay according to his previous assets.

During his heyday, Arsenio was considered the most recognized and top-selling entertainer, and his annual income at the time was $ 12 million.

However, the actor shared that he doesn’t want custody to be calculated based on his previous annual earnings. The actor noted that he would rather have it declared based on his last income.

Bonacci disagreed, insisting that the payment should be gross based on Arsenio’s earlier income estimate. While the two remained at odds, the “Coming to America” ​​star applied for an injunction.

A close source shared on Celebrity Justice that Arsenio did not deny he was the boy’s father. However, he was quite critical of the amount of money he was supposed to pay.

Bonacci announced that blended families need a lot of patience with one another.


It’s safe to say that the host of “The Arsenio Hall Show” has shown his love for fatherhood. The actor’s devotion to being a father came from his own relationship with his father.

When talking about family life, he made it known that he never really had a relationship with Senior Hall. He said that his father was a strict minister who was more focused on his work.

Even though the entertainer knew his father loved him, there was this vacuum in their father-son relationship. The actor remembered always wanting to watch the game with his father, but it never happened.

He had intended to establish a relationship ever since when he became a father. However, that dream turned bleak when Arsenio’s doctor told him that he might never have children.

The odds didn’t work against him, however. Arsenio welcomed his son Arsenio Cheno Hall Jr. with his former lover Bonacci, which was the beginning of the fulfillment of his dream.

Things took a less fortunate turn when he and Bonacci split. At that moment, the actor wanted to focus on fatherhood so that he wouldn’t lose a moment.

Arsenio ended his career because he was unwilling to juggle parenting with work. The actor had enough time to prepare meals for his son and witness all of his milestones.

Although Arsenio is back in the entertainment industry, he has no regrets about his career break. Nonetheless, he admitted that taking a career break came with a price.


When the award-winning actor spoke on Oprah’s Next Chapter, he was moved to tears. Arsenio raved about his son and called him a good, smart boy. The Martial Art star added that his son coped with all of these things without his help.

Oprah praised the comedian for showing emotion and noted that being there for his son was a good thing for him. She alluded to how many boys longed for their fathers to be around, and Arsenio made sure his own child took care of it.

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Bonacci has also opened up about being a single parent and dealing with a new partner’s situation. She stressed the need for honesty and a non-enforced relationship with the child.

Bonacci announced that blended families need a lot of patience with one another. She pointed out that effective communication between the child and the new partner is necessary to foster a healthy relationship.

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