5 Ideas For Profitable Your Baby Custody Battle

Child custody battles aren’t always easy. Sometimes, they can be emotionally draining. For this reason, it’s often advisable for parents to sort out their custody issues independently. However, sometime spouses may disagree because one party or both aren’t willing to compromise. In this case, a judge is most likely to dictate the outcome of a custody battle.

If you and your former partner would like to solve your custody case in court, here are some of the things you should do to increase your chances of winning:

  • Hire A Family Law Attorney

Hiring an attorney for your custody case might not be required in some regions. However, it’s a necessary step to take. Without one, you’ll have to do all the research and take care of all the paperwork on your own, which can be complicated and tiring. Also, you might not know strategies that could benefit you and might make some mistakes that might cost you.

Additionally, your former partner could bring up something from your past, like a history of alcohol abuse. This can be disastrous for you, especially because you have no one to defend you properly. Therefore, it’s essential to have a good attorney for your child custody case. In this case, your divorce lawyer could guide you on how to go about it. Or, they might know an excellent attorney who specializes in child custody cases.

  • Provide Evidence Of Good Parenting

Giving the court evidence of good parenting could also help you win your custody case. This means using pictures or videos to show that your kid slept and ate well under your care. Also, give proof that the child was involved in music, sports, or other activities they like. This can help demonstrate that you also care about their interests.

Besides that, show the court that you’d love your child to have a relationship with their other parent. It’ll show that you prioritize your child’s welfare.

  • Show That You Can Cooperate With Your Former Spouse

Winning a custody case means getting an arrangement that’s fair for you. However, the most crucial thing judges want is what’s best for a child. Therefore, they might prefer certain kinds of custody like joint physical or legal custody in some instances, except if a kid’s safety is at risk.

Therefore, it’s best to show the court that you can cooperate with your former spouse in bringing up your child. This can increase your odds of getting a favorable custody arrangement.

Ensure you don’t bad-mouth the other parent or use other dirty tricks aiming to win. Such acts may portray you as a bitter and angry person without emotional restraint or self-control. As a result, the final decision might not be favorable to you. Instead, ensure you’re positive and calm throughout the custody battle.

  • Ensure Your Living Situation Isn’t Questionable

It’s vital to have evidence that you can offer your kid a stable and safe place to stay. If your living situation is questionable, your former partner might have a higher chance of winning.

Do note that after a divorce, some courts might prefer giving a child’s custody to the parent who gets the family home. This is because they’re often in favor of and recognize the importance of the kids’ stability. They want to make certain that their daily routine isn’t interrupted.

If you didn’t get your family home after your divorce, consider living close by. This way, you’ll show that visits will be easier and you won’t interfere with your child’s routine. As a result, you’ll have a higher chance of seeing your child more often.

  • Be Careful About Your Online Activities

It’s essential to be cautious about your activity on social media while in the middle of a custody battle. Anything could be misunderstood and used against you in court. For example, a post could be presented to a judge by the other party to negatively show your type of friends, spending habits, or state of mind. This could make the court question your character as a parent.

Besides that, refrain from attacking your former partner on social media. This action could be utilized as evidence of parental alienation (turning a child against the other parent by promoting negative thoughts and feelings toward them).

It may be best to keep off social media until your custody case is finalized. If you need guidance on issues about your online activities, your attorney can advise you appropriately.


It may be better to solve your child custody issues outside court with your partner. This way, you’ll avoid a stressful legal battle. However, if you must go to a judge, have a lawyer. Show the court that you’re concerned about your child’s interests, well-being, and relationship with the other parent. Besides that, be cautious about your online activities. These tips could help you win a fair custody arrangement.

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