22-year-old in custody for capturing, killing man on Metro Bus Tuesday

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. – One person was accused of shooting and killing a man in a subway bus in Bellefontaine on Tuesday.

Bellefontaine neighbors police say video surveillance of the bus shows revealed that 22-year-old Dion Raney got on the bus with the victim on Highway 367 and Parker. They sat next to each other.

At some point, Raney began to bother other passengers, which led to the bus driver asking him to control his language.

Then Raney sat down and whispered to the victim, pulled out a gun, aimed it at the victim’s face, and pulled the trigger.

The gun appeared to have failed so Raney reloaded the chamber of the gun, aimed it at the victim’s face again and fired it, hitting the man and killing him.

Man dies in Bellefontaine Metro bus shooting

Raney appeared to have tried several more times to shoot the victim.

Then he reloaded the gun and waved it around the bus while yelling at the passengers.

The bus driver immediately stopped and stopped.

After getting on and off the bus a few times, Raney went to a nearby Aldi store, where he was arrested with his loaded gun.

Police say while being rushed to the train station, Raney made an “impromptu” statement about the killing of someone.

Police say the surveillance footage and testimony show that Raney and the victim knew each other.

Police also say that Raney’s story of the violence is also shown in a case pending on child molestation in St. Louis County.

Rainey was charged with 1st degree murder and armed criminal acts.

He is being held without attachment.

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