2 in custody following capturing close to college in Chelsea

NEW YORK – Two people are in custody after a shooting in Chelsea.

Thankfully nobody was injured, but two nearby schools did go into lockdown when shots were fired steps away from the entrance on West 18th Street.

It all happened around 2 pm on Ninth Avenue. Witnesses say two men dressed in all black began shooting on the sidewalk.

Police quickly responded and arrested two men.

A parked bus giving out COVID vaccines was struck by bullets, but the worker inside was not injured. It’s unclear if the gunmen intended to shoot the bus.

Police say no one was hit in the shooting, but the nearby High School for Humanities and a second school went into lockdown. It has since been lifted, but with the current climate, students in the school feared this was an active shooter situation, and were told to hide under their desks for over an hour as a precaution.

“We just hid wherever we could. Lights off, doors closed, kept quiet. And texted our parents and everything,” one student said.

“I’ve experienced it being, like, in the area, but never this close,” another student said.

“Very scary. If I talk about it I’m going to cry. It was scary though. After what happened in Texas, it’s scary when you think that you might not see your child alive again. Super scary,” one parent said.

Police have two men in custody for questioning, but they have not yet been charged.

The immediate area around the shooting was closed to traffic as police investigated.

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