2 in custody after baby welfare investigation

ADAMS COUNTY, Wisconsin (WAOW) – A child’s welfare check in Adams County resulted in the arrest of two adults.

According to the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office, they conducted a welfare check in the Quincy community on March 19 after a caller raised concerns about the safety of a child in a home and allegedly suspected drug use.

The police conducted a tour with the consent of an adult resident. After police allegedly found synthetic marijuana and an adult resident allegedly admitted using a pipe to ingest, they received a search warrant.

Then MPs allegedly found suspicions of methamphetamine, cocaine, synthetic marijuana and fentanyl, as well as items used to contain illegal substances. Police say some substances are available to children.

Joseph Donahue and Nailey Hyrkas are currently in police custody and face multiple charges, including child neglect and various drug charges.

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