1 useless, 1 in custody in Washington Center Faculty taking pictures

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Albuquerque police responded to a shooting that occurred at Washington Middle School at around 12:45 p.m. Friday. In a press conference, APD confirmed that the incident occurred between two male students, around 13 years old. The victim was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. APD says the male suspect believed to have been the shooter is on pre-trial detention.

Washington Middle School students share what they saw during the shooting

APD chief Harold Medina says the boy who died is being hailed as a hero for standing up for a friend and trying to de-escalate a violent confrontation. APD officials confirmed the incident was an isolated shooting between two male students in the schoolyard during lunch break. The officers reacted quickly, as did the school staff.

“The students were quickly brought to safety by school staff and APS police,” said Kyle Hartstock of the police. “An APS police officer who was on site and outside at the time of the shooting was able to rush the situation and take the perpetrator into custody without further violence.”

“Especially our school resources officer who walked up to the event and tried to help and de-escalate the situation and provide assistance to the victim,” said APS Superintendent Scott Elder. “It’s just a terrible day for APS, a terrible day for this community.”

Shortly after the shooting, a long line of parents was waiting in front of the school to pick up their students, many families came together, hugged and cried. A neighbor who lives across the street says there were children outside at the time. He says they have seen a lot of neighborhood crime lately, this only adds to that.

“Me and my girlfriend heard of six shots. I would say right here … and here we are 10 minutes later and there are cops everywhere, ”said Ross Rader. “I’m scared right now. There’s … we’ve seen a lot of crime on this block lately. Not so long ago there was shooting here. The cops show up every time. “

Parents and students say there was a school brawl on Thursday and threats were made. It is unclear whether the students involved in the shooting were the same students who were involved in this incident. KRQE News 13 asked APS administrators and the police if this was known. They said they would look into this.

The police also check where the shooter got the gun from. They also say the gun was found at the crime scene. How many shots were fired is unclear. Your identity has not been published. Police say they are also investigating the surveillance of the school and surrounding shops to make sure the entire event is covered. The police also ask the students to report.

This is only the third day of school for APS and some parents say it is shocking to see this so soon. APS says additional officers will be deployed in the coming weeks not only to increase security, but also to provide security and support to the students who need them.

Friends of the student who was killed in a shooting began a memorial service outside Washington Middle School on Friday evening August 13, 2021. | KRQE

Friends of the schoolboy who was killed in a shooting opened a memorial service in front of the school on Friday evening. “He always talked about being a woman’s man. It was really fun and even at lunch he thought he was a woman’s man. He and I always played together … like wrestling in physical education, ”said a friend of the victim.

Sergio Cisneros says he was at the ROTC with the victim and was around him when he hosted and said bullets flew past him.

Meanwhile, the New Mexico Public Education Department released the following statement on Friday:

“This is a terrible day for New Mexico. Today’s tragic event at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque means the terrible scourge of school violence has landed on our doorstep. Although many details are still unknown, we know that shots were fired, that a child is dead, and that someone is in custody. We can only imagine the terror students, teachers and staff felt as they took cover in a place where they should feel safe. We can only imagine the horror felt by families who rush to pick up their children and fear the worst. And the senseless and violent death of a child under our protection is indeed the worst. We share your grief and pain as we are again called to reflect on our failures – as adults and as a society – in protecting and maintaining the life and health of our children. We reach out to Principal Angela Rodriguez and Superintendent Scott Elder to offer our help. ”

Secretary of State for Public Education Ryan Stewart and Secretary-Designate Kurt Steinhaus

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham made the following statement on Friday regarding the shootings:

“I am appalled and heartbroken about today’s events in Albuquerque. My thoughts go with the students, families, and staff of Washington Middle School, and my prayers go with the loved ones of the victim and all those affected by this senseless act of violence. We must continue to do everything in our power to fight the scourge of gun violence in our state. These tragedies should never happen. That they are doing it tells us that there is more to be done. My office has been and will remain in close contact with the county and local authorities while we await further details of the investigation. “

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

“Our officers are putting themselves at risk to keep people safe. Today was no exception when a school cop ran into danger to disarm a shooter and treat the victim who had just been shot. Maybe she saved other lives. Unfortunately, a child was killed because a classmate brought a gun to school. The boy who lost his life is also a hero. He stood up for a friend and tried to de-escalate a violent confrontation between classmates. This incident is a tragedy that has shaken our community.

Mayor Tim Keller also published a statement on Friday:

“Today, the children, teachers, staff, and families of Washington Middle School have experienced what no one should, let alone in a place where we trust it is safe for our children. Liz and I grieve with Albuquerque families who are concerned for the safety of their children after seeing news of gun violence near a school. Our hearts ache for the victim’s family. We are grateful for the quick intervention of the school resource officer who was on site and disarmed the alleged shooter. We have APD working closely with school officials to investigate the crime and provide the help needed in the days to come. “

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller

APD chief Harold Media released the following statement late Friday evening:

“It is also another example of gun violence that has fallen victim to families across the country. Just last night, a violent criminal shot and killed a man in a sports bar in northeast Albuquerque. The community support for Lawrence Anzures speaks volumes to his character and the tragic loss of his family and friends. Our detectives are working hard to solve this crime and to bring justice to Lawrence’s family. “

APD chief Harold Medina

At Washington Middle School – spoke to a student who said she was at lunch when the shooting occurred. She saw children running outside and took cover inside the building. She heard several shots. And called her mom to let her know she was safe pic.twitter.com/1PzwzOykSH

– Rachel Knapp (@RachelKnappNews) August 13, 2021

#UPDATE parents are asked to pick up their children on the 14th and park. Many are already meeting their students again. APD confirms that there is currently no danger to students or employees. Briefing expected shortly. @krqe pic.twitter.com/04bdBMYD6C

– Jami Seymore (@JamiSeymore) August 13, 2021

Washington Middle School Update: Police are investigating a shooting that occurred on the Washington Middle School campus this afternoon. The campus is secured at this point. Due to the ongoing investigation, we ask parents to pick up their children as soon as possible.

– APS (@ABQschools) August 13, 2021

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